Mooring Agreement Rules
  1.  A Centre Island Mooring Permit Must Be on File prior to the Mooring being set and installed, for your convienance you can obtain a copy of the Permit at:                                                                        Mooring Permit Application
  2. The mooring shall remain the property of the Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club at all times.

  3. The mooring is for the use of boats owned or chartered by the undersigned during the 2017 season, so long as he/she remains a member in good standing of the Club.

  4. When the mooring is not being used by the undersigned and after notifying the Dockmaster or Boatyard Office, he/she may permit a guest to use the mooring free of charge for a maximum of three (3) nights after which the guest must pay visitor mooring rental fees.

  5. The Club may rent vacant moorings to guests.

  6. Any member who picks up a guest mooring or mooring reserved for another Member without consent from a launch driver is subject to a $50 fine. If you return to find your reserved mooring occupied please notify the launch driver immediately.

  7. The Club will not be responsible for loss, injury or damage to persons or property arising from the use of a mooring or storage on the property. Members are to maintain appropriate liability insurance and will be held liable for damage their vessel does to other boats and/or property.

  8. A Double Bridle (where possible) is required on all boats before Memorial Day and after Labor Day.

  9. All moorings must be vacated by December 1, 2017.

  10. The Vessel’s owner is responsible for reporting any shortening of scope due to mooring chain wrapping around the mushroom shank. Owner should also assure that the mooring pennant is not wrapped under the mooring buoy.

  11. The owner will be responsible for damage to mooring bridles and pick ups due to inadequate chocks, mooring leads, cleats, or if bridles and pennants are wrapped under the mooring buoy due to improper tie up by owner.

  12. Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club reserves the right to move any mooring in the “Special Anchorage” area at any given time if needed due to safety or weather.
Vessel & Customer Information
2017 Mooring / Launch Agreement

If "No" please enter the information below:

Choose One. (Prices are subject to change without notice.) 

Owner confirms that he or she maintains adequate liability and property damage insurance coverage on the above vessel and that SCYC has been named as an additional insured. A copy of the declaration page must be sent to the boatyard via fax or email. The Owner shall also indemnify the club for any damages caused by their vessels to other property.

To the maximum extent permissible under applicable law, Owner waives all claims, as against SCYC and its officers, trustees and staff, for damage or loss incurred as a result of any contact with other vessels and/or objects arising out of the placement of the owners' vessel within the Special Anchorage at SCYC or on the property.

Owner waives any and all claims, as against SCYC and its officers, trustees and staff, for damage or loss incurred as a result of the SCYC's placement, installation, inspection, maintenance, repair of the mooring and its associated parts, including but not limited to the anchor, chain, pendant, bridle and chafing gear.
Dive Service Agreement
Please Read All Instructions
In case of bad weather, it is up to the discretion of the dive service whether it is safe to go into the water. Boats that have been scheduled for that week will be notified. Members that do not want to wait until their next scheduled cleaning, can inform the boatyard that the vessel be scheduled the next available day. The last day for bottom cleaning is determined by the dive service, which will usually be the first week of October. Any bottom cleaning done after that is on a per request basis.

Boats are usually scheduled to be cleaned towards the end of each week, weather permitting. Exceptions can be made for those members with upcoming races, or who race on a weekly basis. Please notify the boatyard if you believe your boat will not be available for your scheduled cleaning. Boats with outdrives and thrusters will be charged an extra fee of 30.00 per unit.

Please pick one: (Prices are subject to change without notice)
Please choose a date to begin:

Date to Begin
Ideal 18 ($44.00 per dive)
Sonar ($55.00 per dive)
Shields ($60.00 per dive)
Emergency Dive Rates
Day $210
Night / Weekend $415

Please check the box below if you would like any of the following:
Zinc Installation Only $52.50
Zinc Installation, while bottom cleaning $26.25
Zinc only $21.00 for each additional zinc installed after first one

If you would like to provide your own Zincs then please bring them to the Dock House
Prices are subject to change without notice. 
Boat Washing Agreement
Date to Begin
Date to Stop
Twice a Month
Every Third Week
Once a Month
  • Boat washing will be charged at a flat rate of $8.75 per foot up to a maximum of 50 ft (rate includes labor and materials). The service will include towing to and from its mooring, and washing of the entire exterior of the boat.

  • Any boats over 50 ft will be charged on a time and material basis.

  • If a determination is made that your boat is considered to be heavily soiled (bird excrement), you will be contacted prior to work commencing and informed that if we continue that the charge will be based on a time and material basis.

  • The Boatyard will make every attempt to commence and complete requested work on Friday or the day before a holiday. If there is a heavy work volume, the Boatyard may complete your vessel's work earlier than Friday or the day before a holiday. As always prices are subject to change.
Prices are subject to change without notice. 

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